Friday, April 5, 2013

Sister Littlefields FIRST email!

magandang umaga po pamilya!!
okay so first of all thank you to trey, mom, dad, mad, jack, michael, king, nanay betty & nanay gloria
 for writing me this week. please everyone me. seriously. it is the best to get mail and i realllllly love it. so send me lots. i promise ill write you back :)
anyway- the first day was super hectic. i loved it tho. we were 6 sister missionaries away 
from being 50/50 of elders and sisters entering on the 27th. how awesome is that?! that lords
 work is progressing and missionaries are truly flooding the earth. to places i literally couldn't 
even tell you where they are on the map haha. but anyway- on thursday we sang called to
 serve and the spirit here is incredible. i honestly feel so blessed to be here. its crazy how 
quickly i have had to immerse myself in the work of the lord. but yeah- i love it. my companions
 are awesome. sister lindsay hall and sister xan marcucci. both of which i am already friends with 
on facebook- so feel free to look them up.
i love them already and we get a long soooo well. they are great.
the elders in my district are from all over. fiji, arizona and australia. i feel bad cus they dont ever get mail.
 their families are so far. so my companions and i made them "easter baskets" with lots of candy from our
 packages. they loved it and really appreciated it.
the only person from vegas in the mtc right now is a wittig. adam i think- i cant keep them straight.
 but hes going to Louisana! how tight! im jelly. kinda. haha
i taught my first lesson in tagalog on friday and my investigators name is mary rose. i am so suprised at
 how much tagalog i am understanding and speaking. i am blessed to have heard this language so much
 in my life. it is truly an advantage in the class room.our investigator has committed to praying and reading
 the book of mormon so thats whats up!! my teacher served in the naga mission and knows tate. my branch 
presidency is amazing. president and sister smith. they also served in the naga mission. they are seriously
 great. i love them and i am blessed to have them as leaders.
i saw tate yesterday. it was really nice to see a familiar face. but anyway- my days are jam packed and i
 feel busy all the time. but the spirit makes it good. on easter we had some awesome speakers. the presiding
 bishop spoke with his wife- bishop causse and his wife. the one thing that stuck out to me most is the fact that
 i will have the opportunity to truly change and impact generations of people. the church is true.
sister sheri dew also spoke to us and reminded me of something great- jesus is not our last chance, but our
 only chance. take the time to figure that out. pray and read the scriptures more. come to know christ for yourself.
 with him anything is truly possible. i can testify of that.
we went to the temple and i loved the spirit i felt. it was raining and freezing so walking there sucked but it was
 still so awesome to be in the house of the lord.

i am so honored to be a part of Jesus Christs  army of heleman and to be a missionary. i truly love it.
can someone get my suzies address? or email.thatd be really awesome. also taylor lythgoes new address.
i tried my best to get my pictures up but i decided im just gonna send my memory card home today because
 this crap dont freakin work. whatev. just make sure you send it back to me.
i miss you all. mahal kita! look out for my letters! ive sent a lot!!!! alam ko po na buhay po si JesuCristo.
 alam ko po na totoo po ang aklat ni mormon.
write me more,. seriously dear elder me.
anyone is more than welcome to dear elder the elders in my district. same address: Elder Paz, 
Elder Vunibola, Elder Masame & Elder Bigelow.
theyd appreciate it since they never hear from family. i lvoe you guys sooooo much. sorry i 
couldn't attach pictures or write more. i only had 30 min :(( i promise ill wirte a detailed handwritten 
letter about my week mom. i love you.

but can i just say that i have the most incredible zone. they are truly sooooo spiritual and have
 stregthened my testimony soo much. they all have so much that they have given up and sacrificed
 to be serving the lord. they are amazing.
i wanted to tell you guys a few things that have really stuck out to me here
-Love the lord and put him first
-ask for the spirit to guide you.
-pray to know the truth.
-the savior will heal us of heartache, weakness, addiction, and success against the adversary.
taylor lythgoe does a top 10 in his emials and i enjoy it so i thought id do the same
10. i am an actual missionary.
9. my tagalog is ON POINT! fareal- i am learning so much and really relying on the spirit to help me teach
8. my kasamas (companions) are hilarious. they are pretty much kristin tebbs and lizzie lin. hahahahha
7. the spirit is always so strong and i always feel spiritually recharged.
6. i can pray and bear my testimony in tagalog.
5.i have restarted reading the book of mormon and am learning so much more
4. my easter package was GREAT
3. i have gotten some awesome mail and emails.
2. the food isnt THAT bad
1. the lord has truly blessed me in these 6 short days and i really love being a missionary.
write me. love and miss you all!
-Mahal Kita! Sister Littlefield

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