Monday, April 29, 2013

Sister Littlefield's 4th email!

Hoy! Pamiliya! Kumusta po tayo?!?

Shoutouts this week to Senia, Jake, Papa Rick, Nanay Bee, Madi, Blake, Uncle Rand, Marley, Mom, Dad, Britt, John, Rose, Karlie, Papa Lanny, and Nanay Gloria.

biggest shout out: QUAN!!! HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY COUSIN!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I WISH SO BADLY I COULD BE THERE TO CELEBRATE WITH YOU! im sure corey, landon and trey will make it a good time. you better write me asap. i was gonna send you a card but i dont have your address. but i love you cousin!!!!!!!!!

Trey, Rose and Britt- Thank you for the pictures. i love them! Colton, Violett, Paige and Pres make me happy. they are all tooooo cute!

aunt laana- i need your address. i will just write you a letter :)

karlie tanner- i wrote you back and you should have a letter this week. i cant wait to see you!!! :D

Also- i got in the mail this week the announcement for the "Tailee" wedding and i am so excited for you both. i wish so badly i could be there to see you start your forever family!

This week i started teaching two new investigators, Roy Sebastian and Laura. Roy is a 23 yr old and has no real religious background but his boss is LDS and he said yes to the discussions. I think we will get him to pray about the bom and jospeh smith this week. Laura is a 60 yr old and awesome. she is a newborn preacher and her husband has a drinking problem,. She believes everything we have talked about in regards to prophets of old, prayer, and the importance of families. we are gonna talk about the restoration tomorrow and see where it goes. hopefully she just feels the spirit and agrees and knows its true. We will probably invite her to baptism if she does. My tagalog is coming along,. i can invite people to baptism now which is so important but i am not the one teaching- the spirit is.

We did this thing called "TRC" this week and basically we just get to meet with people who speak tagalog and talk and share a message. it is way less pressure than teaching lessons, which is awesome and i can feel the spirit soo strong. in one of the meetings we met an RM from utah who served in naga- he shared his testimony about the restoration and his family (one of his siblings is inactive now) and i just cried. the spirit was soooo strong and he had such an awesome testimony. he said he really enjoyed talking to us because it stregthened his testimony and he could feel the spirit.

I saw adam tuala (corey harris' brother in law). everytime i saw him i didnt have my camera but i will get a picture with him Alicia and Corey. he seems like he is doing really well. :) he got her this week and im jealous cus he is in and out before i even leave. BUT I AM AT MY HALF WAY MARK!!!! i leave to the PI soo soon. its crazy. may 6 :O is that not insane?! have the weeks been going fast for y'all? my weeks go by so quick that half the time i dont even know what day it is.

The answers to some questions: yes i only pray in tagalog now. i try my best to say as much as i can in tagalog but i cant say everything that i want to- especially during my personal prayers so i pretty much speak "taglish". sometimes i get envious of english speaking missionaries but then i remind my self that the Lord has called me to the philippines for so many reasons. I need to have as much faith in myself that i know the Lord has in me.

next: yes the food is yuck. and no i still havent really pooped. bahahahahah

next: the laundry is probably the most frustrating thing of life and i HATE it. i will be happy when i have a nanay washing my clothes in the PI.

next: i miss canes, baja blast, REAL soda and vegas. oh and the sun. it freaking snowed AGAIN here. three days in a row. killlllllll me. i hate the cold. hahha walking to the temple in the snow is NOT ideal. especially when i dont have a hood hahah.

next: my investigators arent "real" but they are. they are my teachings acting like people that they taught in their missions.

next: i am doing so good. i love being a missionary. i love the chance that i have to hasten the lords work, feel the spirit EVERYDAY and learn more about the gospel. i have changed so much already. i am so ready to teach in the PI and i cant wait. my relationship with heavenly father is like never before.

On sunday i had my first real sunday schedule since easter and general conf were the last two sundays. we have relief society with all of the sisters in the MTC which is incredible. there are so many sisters here. a sister named mary edmunds spoke to us (she has written lots of books and was the FIRST sister missionary to go to the philippines. so awesome) and she is phemonenal. so many things she said stuck out to me: 1. none of us were sent here forordained to fail. we were all among the righteous who chose to come this earth and we all will succeed. i know that god will help me to succeed. he will always lift me up when i ask him to. 2. this generation of sister missionaries is like a "sister tsunami" i was DEAD when she said this. it was awesome. we are at 44% sisters in the MTC and we were 6 sisters away on the day i entered to being 50/50. sisters have the ability to teach some people that elders cannot get. how grateful i am that i am on a mission and can help with HIS work. it is ALL about him. 3. she said this: all i can do is the best i can do and that is good enough for heavenly father. that was totally what i needed to hear. i am trying my best and i know it is good enought. i have been promised help on earth and in heaven,. i am so stoked to teach and learn from the people i will come in contact with.

the elders in my district also sang how great thou art in sacrament and it was GREAT. they are super spiritual. we met a filipino family at the temple. SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE NANAY AND PAPA ARE FROM. i can neverrrrr remember. and my teacher wants to meet nanay. hahah he goes through vegas lots cus his wife is from socal.

our devo that night was by the head of media for the missionary department, greg droubay. the one thing that i just cannot get out of my head is this: "THIS ISNT ABOUT ME. IT IS ABOUT HIS WORK. IT IS ALL ABOUT OUR HEAVENLY FATHER." i had made sacrifices to be here and it is because i love the Lord SO much. i love this gospel and i love being a missionary. i have never in my life wanted to shout to everyone about the truthfulness of the gospel so badly. yesterday during class i got SUPER emotional thinking about nanay betty and papa richard. i want them to read the book of mormon so badly. i want them to pray to know it is true. i want them to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. i want them to see me get married there. so many things- but mostly i just want them to KNOW that christ loves them. that they have a plan and that they are important in his eyes.

some things for EVERYONE to watch. lds youth site: videos // always in our sight (about the temple); sanctify yourselves (about the priesthood- jake and cruz watch this); earthly father, heavenly father (daddy- this made me think of you and i bawled); lover her mother (mom and dad this is why i look up to your relationship SO much); come what may and love it (siblings- watch this one); and temples are a beacon (EVERYONE WATCH THIS. it is amaaaazing and so true)

mom- thanks so much for the dear elders and your testimony. i cant believe you went to the spanish session at the temple. but what an awesome experience and i agree with what you said about the headphones. the gospel is the MOST IMPORTANT THING. also i am jealous that you get to hang out with trey today and tomorrow. hahaha and also- thanks for keeping me updated on everyone. how was primary with it switched up?! hopefully lots better.i love you momma. im glad im making you proud.

dad- thanks for the email. i love you SO much. jake is a beast and will qualify- no doubt. please write the elders in my district. they could use some encouragement. elder paz, elder vunibola, elder masame, elder bigelow. im jealous everyone got to eat at nanays. i miss real food.

mad- HOW WAS NEW YORK?!? did you love it?! tell me everything please. :) and i heard you bore your testimony.! good job!

jake- my companions always crack up at your dear elders. im glad you an mom are still wrestling. im sure she is winning tho. sorry you hate scouts and im sorry you hate AP. lol but good job for bearing your testimony you lil future missionary!

cruz- i hear youre getting HUGE. beast. keep it up.

mars- dad told me you gave a bomb FHE. good job. you are so spiritual i love it. and i love your letters. how were tryouts????,........

john- I LOVE YOU! my companions said thanks for the letters. i loved your dear elders. you are awesome. and thank you so much for sharing your spiritual experiences with me. you have NO idea how much i needed to hear them. i have been thinkin about your grandparents and wrote them. hopefully they got it.i love you!!!!

someone please send me PRINTS of the pictures from my farewell. kayc- i want the ones i couldnt put on facebook with violett in them please :)

i miss you all soooooooo much! i miss all of your hugs, your voices, and especially laughing with everyone. dear elder me before 2! i want to hear from EVERYONE. i love getting mail and i promise to write back if you write me :) i love you all!

alam ko po na totoo po an ebanghelyo at mahalaga pamiliya magpakailanman. alam ko po na mapagmahal po ang ating ama sa langit. alam ko po na propeta po si thomas s monson. alam ko po na mahal po tayo ng Diyos at nagbayad sala po si JesuCristo para sa mga kasalanan natin. sa pangalan ni JesuCristo- Amen.

M A H A L K I T A!!! i love you all so much!!!!!! i am praying for everyone.

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