Monday, April 29, 2013

Sister Littlefield leaves for the PI soon!

Shoutouts this week to: Tina Christensen, Sierra, Alisha, Madilynne, Jack, Cruz, Marley, Mom & Dad, Trevor Hardy, Michael, Kailee, Auntie Mariechu & baby Auyvn, Kayla Paige, Alisha, Auntie LaAna, Rose, Auntie Renee, The Winterwood Ward YW & YM, Nanay Betty, John! Thank you so much for the dear elders, letters, pictures, emails and packages. i have the best friends and besttttt family!!

I will try my best to start my emails going in order of the week- that way no one is confused as to when things are happening and what not. so after i emailed last week, my comps and i went and did laundry- and we call it "hell". it is literally the most ridiculous place. its hot and stinky and crowded but i always manage to get my laudry done pretty quick. which is great. & yes i learned how to do my own and i havent messed up annnnnyyyy of my clothes yet! BAM!!

After that we had dinner and got ready for the devotional, devotionals on tuesday and sunday nights are my favorite thing. they are first of all SO spiritual and i always get an answer to a prayer. its a huge blessing. my district and i have figured out how to get super good seats in the front so its awesome. Richard G Scott spoke to us last tuesday for our evening devotional. first of all- he is one of my favorite apostles and i enjoyed his talk most in conference so i was super excited. we knew it was an apostle or someone high up because they had the projectors up and let us in super early. when he walked in we all stood up and at that point i couldnt even see who it was but the spirit was immediately so strong. he brought an amazing spirit in with him. his talk was awesome- i wish i could just send the entire talk home haha but ill just summarize what he said. it was so incredible to hear an apostole of the lord speak to the missionaries. he spoke so highly of the sisters he said how excited he was so excited to see all of the sisters serving. - his wife served and he talked about how much of a blessing a mission will be eternally for my life, my future husband and my future kids. he spoke about prayer and how super important it is. first of all it is such a privledge that we have as children of god to be able to speak with our father in heaven whenever we want. he always listens and will always answer us. we are so so so blessed to know about prayer. seriously, i have realized as a missionary how important it is and how i can literally pray for anything and everything at any time. as a missionary i pray probably about 25 times a day at least. personal prayer in the morning, a prayer with my companions, prayer before daily planning, prayer at breakfast, prayer before and after class, prayer before and after personal study, prayer at lunch, prayer before and after language study, prayer at dinner, prayer before and after class again, prayers before and after we teach an investigator, plus praying in the lesson when we teach, prayer as a companionship at night and personal prayers at night. 85 of the time my prayers are in tagalog and i am starting to feel a lot more comfortable with the language. Richard G Scott gave us as missionaries that a learning a new language a blessing that we would not only learn our language but master it. HELLO! he is an apostle and that made me so happy. of course i have to do my part in studying and learning but the gift or tongues is so real. i literally can understand most of what i am being told when my teacher is speaking to me sa tagalog. its amazing. he said that my mission will be a rich and rewarding experience, and to remember that i was called by inspiration to serve in the Philippines. One thing also that he said that i would challenge everyone to do- is when you are feeling discouraged, or in the middle of a trial, instead of complaining, pray and ask heavenly father what he would have you learn from this experience. trials make us stronger and build our character. that hit me hard, because i am quite the complainer, & i have been trying to do this and it has made me realize so much. the lord will always help me, always wants me to succeed and wants me to grow and learn in the gospel to help me with life.

on wednesday was pretty normal. classes, gym, study time, nasty meals and whatnot. i like wednesdays tho- it means newbies and also i can count my weeks. just btw if you forgot i have been here almost a month now and i leave for the PI in less that TWO WEEKS!!! :D it is coming so so so fast. this wednesday im pretty sure jordan parker and jordan ruesch get here? pretty exciting! &&& Karlie tanner gets here next wednesday!! i cannot wait!

on thursday my district ate an entire tower of cereal as a challenge. it was the WORST IDEA EVER. ill send pictures of how much cereal it was but we ate about 50 bowls all together. i ate 4& a half and felt sick the entire day. hindi mabuti idea ito. we were all late to class and our teacher sister watkins gave us some super good council- she said " be wise. dont do anything that wont allow you to be the best missionary you can be." i will always remember that. i need to always do my best- and just btw our other teacher bro nuttall challenged us to this "tower challenge" we werent just being dummies. but we accomplished it and it was cool to say that. lots of districts this week have tried to do it too- trendsetters for stomache aches. obvi.

friday and saturday are a blur to me and never really exciting. same schedule. eat, sit. eat, sit, eat, sit. & so on. my personal study has been super good tho this week. i have been reading the entire D&C and it is AMAAAAZING! i am in like 110 or so and i am loving it. read it if you havent. oh yeah- and on saturday our teacher bro nuttall asked me if i would be the "investigator" for a demonstration. i said yes and decided i would play the role of nanay betty. bad idea. i bawled the entire time. its so weird how much i felt the spirit and how badly i wished that she could be there to listen to the lesson. basically he commited me to baptism. he related the bible to the BOM and how important baptism is. i wish SO badly that this was the case. i want her to be baptized but i know in time it will happen. no doubt. papa too.

sunday is my favorite day. i loveeeee the sabath here and i love being able to not only learn from the spirit but be able to just feel the spirit super strong. during relief society which is all of the sisters at the mtc, sister cherly esplin, the 2nd counselor in the general primary presidency spoke. she was ayos na ayos! (really great) she had us stand up and sing, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. i literally probably havent sung that song since i was 9 and i couldnt believe i still remembered all the words. but its such an awesome song!!!! she said: "this is why you chose to come on a mission. because you belong to the church, you know who you are, you know gods plan, you are following him in faith, you believe in the savior jesus christ, you honor his name- you do what is right, you follow his light, his truth you WILL proclaim." HOW AWESOME IS THAT! it is so true, i am so happy i am on a mission, this is an experience that will truly eternally bless me and bless others and generations of people. MAGANDA!!!! we need to be lights to all people that we come in contact with. she gave an analogy of a full water bottle and an empty one. the empty one is easily "destroyed" where as the one that is full of the "light of christ, the scriptures, prayer, temple attendance" etc- it is not destroyed by the adversary. super good analogy. try your best this week to be 100 in prayer, scripture study, seminary, whatever it is that will fill you with the light of christ and see if it makes a difference. in our district meeting we talked about the holy ghost and how super important it is to listen to that voice. it is never overpowering and sometimes we can miss it. have time where you can sit and listen to what the spirit is telling you. it is the best. after that we had our sunday temple walk at 2. and our oldest district was leaving so we took a picture as a zone. super sad they were leaving- the sisters are amaaaazing. they are all going to naga but they will do so good. i will miss them lots. ill send pictures. but that night we had a devo by the BYU mens choir and they have music for missionaries to download for free. get it. its awesome and they shared some testimonies that strengthened me. one of the members said this: god does not expect perfection, but he is pleased with progression. how true is that! he doesnt expect us to be perfect by any means, he knows that we all have our faults, but he wants us to continue to better ourselves everyday.

Yesterday was pretty good. it went by super fast. Sister marcucci is like one of my favorite people and deffff peed her pants. im pretty sure she doesnt want anyone to know that. so delete this before you put it on my blog- but that just is proof that we laugh literally all day long. she is awesome. i saw adam tuala (corey harris' b-i-l) and he was SUPPOSED to leave today but something is up with his visa? pray for him so he can go. i know he is excited and anxious. waiting her any longer would suck. i am sending a picture of me and him too- tag corey in it.

this morning we were at the temple and guess who was there- mitch cizmas. pretty crazy he was in the same session as me. it was super good to see him and we talked for a quick second- he told me he would tell sarah boyer i love her and miss her- if he doesnt, someone do. that punk hasnt wrote me :(

i love the temple tho- it is the BESTTTTTT. my favorite place. i only get to go ONE more time before i head out for the PI and i will most likely cry. i probably wont get to go at all while i am in the PI. sad day.

some highlights of me week:

Package from nanay & mad- THANK YOU SO MUCH! mad i LOVE that skirt. and i got lots of compliments on it. it is soooo pretty and super nice. thank you so much. you are the best! and tell nanay thanks for everything else in there. i have been drinking the slim fast everyday. dont worry i lost 2 lbs, HALLELUJAH! she asked if i needed anything else, and right now i really dont think i do. maybe just toothpaste, hair pins, and a white v neck would be great. love you!!

package from john- the flowers were perfect and made me smile! thank you so much for them and the shirt, i loved it!

i memorized the baptismal invitation in tagalog and our purpose: imbitahin ang iba na lumapit kay Cristo sa pagtulong sa kanila ng magtanggap ang ibinalik na ebangelyo sa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya kay JesuCristo at sa Kanyang Pagbabayad-sala, pagsisisi, binyag, ng kaloob na Espiritu Santo, at pagtitiis hanggang wakas. that is on the first page of PMG. look it up haha. i decided that whoever invented the tagalog language is a beast. i love it.

the elders in our district decided they cant tell when im mad, or sarcastic. SURPRISE! hahahaha i was laughing so hard. one of them said my face is like kristen stewart in twilight- because i have no emotions. i laughed soooooooo hard. they are so right. im glad i havent changed in that way. hahah

kailee dertina gets married in less than 2 weeks!!!!!! i am so happy for her and i miss her SO much. someone in the family- namely marley hahaha go to their reception take pictures and send them to me. i am so so so sad i wont be there :(

okay quick messages:

jacob- how was state for stuco?! did you love it!? i bet you had a freaking blast. i am excited that youre going to prom with kali. thatll be fun. i love that girl. send me LOTS of pictures after prom! how is track? pole vault? have you qualified yet??? how much are you power cleaning now?

mad- what dress are you wearing for prom? i am excited to see it! i know itll be modest ;) & shoutout to Trey for hooking you guys up with pictures. thats whats up. i got your dear elder about the close up and i am so glad you had so much fun. it sounds like you had an amaaaazing time. thanks for the post card! i loved it. tell emilee, maya, and deidre that i miss them please. and i want to hear from them. are you freaking out about graduation yet?! it was the best day ever. please record your speach and send it to me!!!!!! && i cant belive it about church. its sad the ward is so tiny. haha but i am looking forward to the pictures from my primary class! thanks for doing that!!!

cruz- i never hear from you. ever. punk. dad said youre as tall as him now. and getting huge. dont eat the house.

marley- DID YOU MAKE HARNEY CHEER?!!?!?!?!!? i have been so anxious alllll week waiting to find out! i am excited for you. hopefully you made it or this is super AWK. hahah love you and your dearelders CRACK me up. mom is the biggest stalker of life. i am aware hahahahhahahaha have everyone write questions they have for me and mail them to me asapppp!

dad- trey said you have him drinking protein. thank you haha. he said he feels bigger. how is work? where are you working next year?

mom- thanks for writing me so often. i love hearing from you. keep updating me on all that is going on in vegas. its hilarious what you send me. tell auntie marie i will write her back- and that i am praying for her and my baby cousin, and i love that name, superrrr cute.

john- you are hilarious in all of your dear elders and letters. thank you so much for all of them. and seriously thank you for the package. it made my day!!!!

kayc- i havent heard from you this week but i hope you had a great week and work is going good!!

britt- how is colton?! hopefully better, i fasted for him and thought about you three at the temple. love you sis!

LANDON AND QUAN. i am mad at you both. considering that i am on a mission ONE OF YOU BETTER WRITE ME. NOT KIDDING. i miss you two so much. :( cambrie and asia too!!!!!!

i love you all soooo much. seriously and i think and pray for all of you every day. thank you for always making me laugh with the letters and making my day better. i cannot wait to hug all of you again. keep dear eldering me and sending letters. i love hearing from everyone!!!!! MAHAL KITA TALAGA!!!!

love- Sister Littlefield

btw how is nanay gloria & papa? moved out yet or what??

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