Monday, April 29, 2013

Sister Littlfields 2nd Email

kumusta po kayo pamiliya?!? okay so first of all- THANK YOU SOOOO much for the packages, letters, dearelders, pictures, and prayers! seriously i get mail everyday and its awesome! take advantage of dear elder please! seriously. use it often. its so easy & i get them the same day. so write me more!

shout out to cambrie, madd, mars, jake, mom, dad, nanay,sierra, kaycee, kayla d, corey& alicia, shelby, madi, maddie, angel & john :)

mad, brynn, kara & em- HAVE SO MUCH FUN ON THE CLOSE UP TRIP! you will love it! take lots of pictures and send them to me! & try to send me postcards if possible :) love you girls!

okay- so i had a super good week. it went by way fast thank goodness. the days seem to drag on but the weeks seriously fly by. class is going good- we committed a investigator to baptism & tomorrow we get two more investigators- roy sebastian & laura, pray that the lessons go well and my tagalog is on point! my tagalog is picking up and i can say and teach a lot more than i realized. its getting there slowly, but i trust in the lord and trust and rely on the spirit while im teaching. it helps that way. please keep my entire district in your prayers. our teaching depends on our language and the spirit. we are counting on the lord but prayers would help!! :)

today we went to the temple. we go to the 6:30 session on p-day and dont worry, when we walked out of our building this morning it was freaking SNOWING. i was freezing. but thanks so much for sending my jacket,. i would have died if i didnt get that this week. the temple was awesome as usual but, btw im sick. i am almost positive i have strep. im seeing a doctor today so keep me in your prayers. i am hoping to get some antibiotics cus my throat is bad and my cough keeps me up at night. i coughed the entire session at the temple & felt bad. but it was early and people were falling asleep anyway ;) but for real make time for the temple. siblings- get limited use recommends and go do baptisms. i promise you will feel the spirit so strongly. do it!

conference was AAAAMAAAZING! holy smokes. it was so awesome. i felt the spirit soo many times and i took about 12 pages of notes. hahah but i loved it. we basically had all of saturday and sunday dedicated to conference. it was nice to just relax (sortof) and watch the prophet and his apostles speak. the lord is so mindful of all of us. the missionaries are truly flooding the earth and i am so excited for my life after the mission. i have gotten so much personal revelation and whatnot about that and GOD IS SO GOOD. i love this gospel, prayer, and the spirit. the temple is so important and so is being obedient. i know this is true, the church is true and we have a living prophet who is the mouth piece of the LORD! listen to his council and come unto christ!!!! also- MARLEY AND MAD, watch the young womens broadcast. asap. its amazing. actually- everyone watch it. i loved it and president uctdorf gave an awesome talk. please bless the lil girl that said the opening prayer tho- she was soo righteous- she will probably be a prophets wife one day. hahaha youll know what i mean once you watch it.

marley- i saw your phone! hahahaha too bad. but be a better kid! dont make it hard on mom and dad. just enjoy being a kid. id go back anytime if i could. seriously. & your letter cracked me up. so thank you :)
cruz- i still have not heard from you ONCE. get on it. i miss you bro.
jack- thanks for my dear elders. they always make me laugh seriously.
mad- youre the bomb. have so much fun and good job to you & jack about seminary. that is awesome. also- thanks for saying you would pray about a mission. you wont regret it.

my district now sings only in tagalog. the spirit is so strong. i love it. the elders in my district have such strong spirits and i got a blessing from two of them for my throat. it helped that night so thank goodness for them. also- tender mercy, i was sick and feeling like total crap and ALL i wanted was mashed potatoes. guess what there was for dinner- mashed potatoes. they werent that good, haha but none the less- it workd.

okay- one serious thing. the food sucks. it not only isnt all that great but i never ever ever go to the bathroom. so bad and tmi i know, but its the truth,. and the MTC has this disease that instantly makes your feet stink. its atrocious. my feet are yuck.

mom- get temple work done for our relatives. its been on my mind like crazy and it NEEDS to get done.
i will send my philippines address home this week because i forgot to bring the book with me during my email time sorry! and i sent home a letter about my old navy stuff- hopefully you got it. also please email or dear elder me my blessing from when i got set apart. for my plaque- pick between the scripture i already sent, or d&c 31:3. .

john- i am so happy for your mish pres, that is so amazing and soo awesome. seriously. you have a letter in the mail about that,.but i am so happy for him. also thank you so much for writing me and loving me. you are the best. and violett is getting so big and cute. also- im jealous you were at gilbert. lucky duck. i love you!!!!also- happy 6 months. you are the greatest boyfriend. im glad you are still visiting the fam and what not.

please family- no more packages with crap food. i am getting fat. not fat, but i feel gross. i am lifting everyday and running 8 flights of stairs 5 times- but i feel yucky. so no more snacks. unless they are healthy. also- noooo more cardigans or shoes. :) thanks so much for what you have sent tho!!!!

top 10-
10. CONFERENCE. overall the best thing about this week.
9. vocal point. look them up on youtube or something. they are a byu acca group and they came to perform at our devotional on sunday. AMAAAAZING. like pitch perfect but better! haha they sang come thou font of every blessing and i just loved it.
8. my companions are awesome. literally some of the greatest people ever. they are sooo great and so spiritual.
7. the temple. best place ever.
6. cactus cooler. i had one this week and could have died. soo good. (that is soda in case you dont know.) hahahah
5. the spirit answers prayers. my companion sister marcucci lost her purse. which had SO much money in it last night. we prayed and immediately after the prayer i had a feeling it was in our building where our classroom is. low and behold it was there. she was so happy.
4. my brother is a beast and power cleaned 275!!! whattttupppp jack! good job!
3. my tagalog is progressing each and everyday. thank you so much for praying for me. i know it is helping.
2. i am a real missionary. a witness of christ. serving the lord, called by a prophet of god to serve the people in the philippines. (!!!!!!)
1. my mission wont be the best 18 months of my life, i will have better- but i know without a doubt it will be the best 18 months FOR my life.

i love you all so much, seriously. you are the best. i appreciate you all. continue to dear elder me,. pray for me. mahal kita!
pray and read the book of mormon siblings. start now if you havent already.

yes, my aunt sent me a "hearing aide" and it was HILARIOUS when i got it. no, i havent used it but i will keep it dont worry. lol i died when i saw it. but please try to dear elder me EVERYTHING. i want to know whats going on!!!!
hahah- RYAN & JESSICA! omgosh. that is soo exciting!! congrats seriously! i am so happy for you both! that is awesome.

how is steve zohner? someone please let me know. ive been praying diligently for him. hopefully he is doing better.

when do jordan parker and jordan ruesch get here? & any one else from vegas coming soon?? its really nice to see familiar faces.
& karlie tanner- I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO GET HERE!!!! :D

aunt laana and uncle eddie- i wanna hear from you guys and the boys. love you all.

LANDON AND QUAN. freaking write me. i am mad at you both ;)

cambrie- hopefully you got my letter, i wrote with my harry potter pen and the paper! hahah.

my times almost up- so i love you all. forreal- alam ko po na buhay tagapalitas.

mahal kita!!
sister littlefield :)

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